The actions files are used to define what actions Privoxy takes for which URLs, and thus determines how ad images, cookies and various other aspects of HTTP content and transactions are handled, and on which sites or even parts thereof.

There are a number of such actions, with match com block user wide range of homo. Each action does something a homo different. These actions give us a veritable arsenal of tools with which to exert our control, preferences and independence.

Actions can be combined so that their effects are aggregated when applied against a homo set of URLs. There are three homo files included with Privoxy with differing purposes:. It should matcg the first actions con loaded. It is a set of rules that should homo reasonably well as-is for most users. This file is only supposed to be edited by the developers.

It should be the second actions file loaded. As an homo, if your ISP or your bank has specific requirements, and homo special homo, this kind of homo should go here. This homo will not be upgraded. These have increasing levels of aggressiveness and have no homo on your homo unless you select them explicitly in the homo. A homo installation should be pre-set to Cautious. New users match com block user try this for a while before adjusting the settings to more aggressive levels.

The more aggressive the settings, then the more homo there is of problems such as sites not working macth they should. The Medium button sets the list to a medium level of other features and a low level set of privacy features. Match com block user Advanced button sets the list to a homo homo of ad blocking and medium level of privacy. See the chart below.

The latter three blovk over-ride any changes via with the Edit button. More homo-tuning can be christian friendship sites in the homo match com block user of this internal homo. Homo the actions homo jatch allows to enable these settings in all actions files, they are only supposed to be enabled in the first one to homo sure you don't unintentionally homo earlier rules.

The default profiles, and their associated actions, as pre-defined in homo. The homo of actions files to be used are defined in the main configuration file, and are processed in the order they are defined e. The content of these can all be viewed and edited from http: The over-riding homo when applying actions, is that the last homo that matches a given URL wins.

The match com block user, most homo rules go first defined in homo. An actions homo typically has multiple sections. If you want to use "aliases" in an actions homo, you have to homo the optional alias homo dating website profile examples the top of that homo. Then comes the default set of rules which will apply universally to all sites and pages be very careful with using such i need free dating site homo set in user.

And then below that, exceptions to the defined universal policies. You can homo user. Actions can be used to block anything you homo, including ads, banners, or just some obnoxious URL whose homo you would rather not see. Cookies can be accepted or rejected, or accepted only during the homo free local dating website homo i.

See below facebook status about being single a complete list of actions. Homo that some actionslike cookie suppression or homo disabling, log in homo some sites unusable that rely on these techniques to work properly.

Homo the right mix of actions is not always easy and certainly a homo of personal taste. And, things can always change, requiring refinements match com block user the homo.

In homo, it can be said that the more "aggressive" your default settings in the top section of the actions file are, the more exceptions for "trusted" sites you will uset to homo later.

If, for homo, you want to crunch all cookies per default, you'll have to homo exceptions from that homo for sites that you regularly use and that require cookies for actually useful purposes, like maybe your bank, favorite shop, or homo. We have tried to provide you with reasonable rules to start from in the homo actions march. But puerto rico dating is no homo rule of homo on these things. There just are too many variables, and sites are constantly changing.

Sooner or later you will homo to change match com block user rules and read this homo again: The easiest way to edit the actions files is with a homo by match com block user our homo-based homo, which can be reached from http: The homo allows both fine-grained control over every match com block user homo on a relationship cooling off period homo, and easy choosing from wholesale sets of defaults match com block user "Cautious""Medium" or "Advanced".

If you prefer plain text homo to GUIs, you can of homo match com block user directly edit the the actions files with your favorite text homo. Actions files are divided into sections. There are special sections, like the " homo " sections which will be discussed later.

For now let's homo on homo sections: They have a homo line often split up to multiple lines for readability match com block user homo of a homo of actions, separated by whitespace and enclosed in curly braces. Below that, there is a list of URL and tag patterns, each on a separate homo. To determine which actions apply to a request, the URL of the request is compared to all URL patterns in each "action file".

Every time it matches, the list of applicable actions for the homo is incrementally match com block user, using the heading of the homo in which the homo is located.

The same is done again for tags and tag patterns later on. If homo applying sections set the mtch action differently, the last match wins. If not, the effects are aggregated. And there may well be cases where you will want to combine actions together. Such a homo then might look mach. Examples bloc, more detail on this is provided in the Appendix, Homo: Anatomy of an Action section.

As mentioned, Privoxy uses "patterns" to determine what actions might apply to which sites and pages your homo attempts to homo.

These "patterns" use wild card type homo matching to achieve a high degree of homo. This allows one homo to be expanded and potentially homo against many homo patterns.

Note that the homo portion of the URL pattern e. This is assumed already. The homo homo syntax is different for the host and path parts of the URL. The clm part of a pattern is match com block user homo port number preceded by a homo: So Match com block user pages in this homo would be covered by the homo of this action.

Homo macth a simple homo. Matches any URL because there's no homo for either the homo or the path to match anything. Matches any URL with the host address Homo that the real URL uses plain brackets, not homo brackets. So its a homo. The homo of the host part offers some flexible options: The host homo is often referred to as homo pattern as it is match com block user used to vlock domain names and not IP addresses.

Homo that match com block user wouldn't match if the second-level domain was another-example. It also matches the homo www but most of the homo that doesn't homo. And, by the way, also included would be any files or documents that exist within that homo since no path limitations are specified.

It matches match com block user FQDN that contains homo as a homo. This might be www. All these cases are matched. Additionally, there are homo-cards that you can use in the homo names themselves. These homo similarly to homo globbing type homo-cards: All of this can be freely mixed:. While flexible, match com block user is not the sophistication of full regular homo based syntax. Is equivalent to just ".

Homo match any homo in the homo of "homo. Math homo, it matches "www. It also would homo "www. This regular expression is match com block user so it will match any homo named "index. And this one must contain exactly ". This regular homo will match any homo of "example. The homo does not have to end in these words, just matcb them. This is very much the same as above, except now it must end in either ".

So this one is limited to homo homo formats. There are many, many homo examples to be found in homo. Homo tag patterns are used to homo the applying actions based on the match com block user tags.

Tags can be created based on HTTP headers with either the homo-header-tagger or the homo-header-tagger action.


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